New greenfield discovery of gold and critical metals

World-class gold and tungsten assays are being reported by Transition Resources Pty Ltd (Transition) from drilling at their new greenfield discovery in Cloncurry, in Queensland’s north-west. The results add weight to the privately-owned, research-focused explorer’s 2020 claims to have “hit the jackpot”, by discovering a possible multi-billion-tonne, gold-rich mineral system within its tenements, dubbed the “Highway Corridor”.
The Highway Corridor is over 21km long and is previously unknown to the region. It includes important critical metals tungsten, cobalt, and high-value rare earth elements (REEs) such as neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium, and terbium. The critical metals add geopolitical interest to the find.
In an area overlooked by historical and modern explorers, the Highway Prospect (Highway) appears to be the first genuine greenfield discovery in the Cloncurry District in decades. Transition attributes its discovery to merging traditional exploration methods with innovative technologies and re-engaging with grassroots exploration.

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