New 3D IP survey system launched

Gap Geo has introduced a new survey technology through a joint venture with Dias Geophysical.

The DIAS32 3DIP system combines the technology of Dias’ DIAS32 receiver tech with Gap Geo’s transmitter tech, and is designed for the acquisition of real-time geophysical data in true 3D.

The system, which claims to be one of only two to offer ‘true 3D’ as opposed to more conventional 3D methods gleaned from offset data, uses electrodes and recording nodes operating via a wireless network that can measure the earth’s response to electrical currents injected into the ground via geophysical transmitters.

This method is more expensive than conventional surveys, in part due to the large number of nodes requiring setup, but it is also able to more effectively manage difficult terrain while returning more accurate results.

“The DIAS 3DIP technology provides a quality of data for IP and resistivity that has never really been seen before,” said Gap Geo chief executive officer Malcolm Cattach.
“It’s pretty rapidly gaining interest and acceptance in Australia and we’re quite excited by it.”

The company intends to position the DIAS 3DIP system alongside its existing Sub-Audio Magnetic (SAM) and airborne HeliSAM system. The latter has been used in conjunction with DIAS 3DIP system by Signature Gold in central Queensland, which general manager Jonathan Robbeson said allowed the company to make a “breakthrough” on its lead discovery.