Expansion of key survey offerings

Expansion of key survey offerings, through a partnership between Gap Geophysics Australia, Innoflight International and Unmanned Precision.

BRISBANE, QLD, March 1, 2023

Gap Geophysics Australia (Gap), Innoflight International and Unmanned Precision, announce that they are forming a partnership to target key survey offerings in UAV Magnetics, Lidar and UAV SAM (MMR and EM) surveys. Gap, based in Brisbane has field offices throughout Australia, and key partnerships overseas such as with Dias Geophysical and Discovery International Geophysics, both based in Canada.

This all Australian, and Brisbane-based partnership links a team of skilled pilots, UAV developers and data-gathering experts. The aim is to provide a revolutionary solution for the mineral exploration and environmental geophysics industries. With Innoflight’s reliable and efficient UAV technology, Gap’s advanced geophysical technologies and expertise in the geophysics industry, and Unmanned Precision’s qualified pilots and data-gathering providers, this partnership offers a comprehensive solution that aims to exceed clients’ expectations for turnkey UAV solutions.

By combining the strengths of each company, this partnership has the potential to transform the way mineral exploration and environmental geophysics are conducted. This has applications for clients looking to minimise land disturbance, survey at higher resolution and acquire surveys more efficiently.

Clients can expect the highest quality data, collected with the latest technology and the most skilled piloting professionals in the field. Innoflight International, Gap, and Unmanned Precision are committed to providing innovative solutions for their clients and driving progress in the industry.

The three companies will each be looking after their own specific area of expertise which will enable a coordinated solution. Residing in Brisbane, the companies can regularly meet and collaborate on a project breaking down technological barriers that occur when creating new technology.

“Unmanned Precision is extremely proud to partner with two leading companies in their fields, working on the cutting edge of geophysical data acquisition. Our operational expertise and plans to push UAV surveys beyond visual line of site are a great fit for this partnership,” says Jeff Munro, Director, and Head of Development at Unmanned Precision.

“Innoflight International aims to provide revolutionary solutions for mineral exploration and environmental geophysics with reliable UAV technology, comprehensive solutions for geophysical surveying and the highest quality standards of UAV development. We are excited to work with partners dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations of quality,” says Stephen Grieg, Director of Innoflight International.

“Gap Geophysics Australia are thrilled to be able to offer a compelling and comprehensive solution to the geophysical survey industry. Our focus has always been on the highest quality standards of service delivery, high-resolution datasets and pushing the boundaries of innovation in geophysics. A Brisbane-based group of like-minded and quality focussed companies is a great result for the industry,” says Daniel Eremenco, Commercial Manager at Gap Geophysics Australia.

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