Ragnar Metals reports breakthrough results from SAM survey

Gap Geo survey vehicles near Kalgorlie

Ragnar Metals announced breakthrough assay and geophysics results from recent drilling and SAM geophysics programs at the Leeds Gold Project located 20km south of the Goldfields St Ives gold mining camp in Kambalda. The results of the SAM geophysics survey are compelling, and several implications are suggested from the … Read more

New SQUID EM survey for Maximus Resources

Gap Geophysics crew on-site at the Central prospect

Gap Geophysics has started a SQUID EM survey for Maximus Resources. “The team has secured the use of GAP Geophysics’ latest SQUID EM technology, which is preferred for its superior detection and resolution capability, coupled with a powerful transmitter for deeper detection. “The high-powered survey is expected to provide … Read more