Gap Transmitter Calculator

The Gap Transmitter Calculator (GapTxCalc) is a utility tool designed by Gap GeoPak to assist with a number of geophysical challenges.


Transmitter performance modelling

GapTxCalc models the performance of the Gap GeoPak high current transmitters for various loop configurations. It has proven to be invaluable for optimising loop design and wire selection. It also remains a useful reference when selecting safe operating parameters by providing improved awareness of the current carrying limitations of various wire sizes as well as relevant voltage considerations.

Step potential

A high voltage or ‘potential difference’ between the shoes of a person (the ‘step potential’), poses a danger to field operatives and animals for electrocution. Gap GeoPak has created a feature that calculates the threat of ‘ventricular fibrillation’ (a likely prelude to sudden cardiac death or brain damage) based off a variety of input parameters, and certain defined assumptions.

This tool is primarily for educational purposes, so that field crews have a better awareness of the factors that contribute to electrical danger, and the various issues of concern for maintaining electrical safety.

Primary field Calculator

Based off either an open or closed wire loop, a user can model the primary field strength and direction. This visualisation is useful for determining how to lay out a wire loop to maximise the energising of an ore body.

GapTxCalc Main Screen
GapTxCalc Main Screen
GapTxCalc Primary Field Screen
GapTxCalc Primary Field

Determining electrode resistance to ground

There are many kinds of layouts and electrodes used in Induced Polarisation. GapTxCalc now has the capability to determine the ground contact resistance based off a multitude of likely variables in an electrode setup.

Safety and knowledge

In the interest of improving electrical safety within the exploration industry, we are making the software freely available to other geophysicists, operators and interested parties. Consequently, we have now incorporated a range of commonly available transmitters for wider use and comparison. Contact us to request the download link and to register the software.