Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM)
SAM Total BField Technologies
SAM Applications: Copper Exploration; Salt Lake Exploration
HPTX-70 / HPTX-80 High-Powered Transmitters
DHEM / DHMMR Downhole Technologies
Near Surface Geophysics: Tailings Dams
Near-Surface Geophysics: Groundwater

Case Studies

Electromagnetic and electrical methods applied to mapping coked coal
A case study from the Bowen Basin, Eastern Australia
Flying Doctor SAM Case study
Forrestania EM Test Range Case Study
Lalor HeliSAM Case Study

Technical Articles

Delineating cobalt targets from a galvanic and inductive source Sub-Audio Magnetics at the Carlow Castle project, Western Australia
SAM EQMMR response of the East Victory regolith at St Ives Gold Mine, Western Australia
Identification of massive sulphide targets using the Galvanic Source EM (GSEM) signal from a Sub-Audio Magnetic (SAM) survey at the Far South Project, Western Australia
Sub-Audio Magnetic survey experiments for high-resolution, subsurface mapping of regolith and mineralisation at the Songvang Gold Mine near Agnew, Western Australia
The Use of Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM) in Gold Exploration
Examples from the Yilgarn Craton, WA
High-resolution mapping using SAM surveys over the Bogada Bore gold prospect, Western Australia
Interpretation of a Sub-Audio Magnetic survey over the Lena Shear near Cue, Western Australia
The Total Field Magnetometric Resistivity (TFMMR) Method Part 1
Theory and 2.5D forward modelling
The Total Field Magnetometric Resistivity(TFMMR) Method Part 2
2D resistivity inversion of data from the Flying Doctor Deposit, Broken Hill, Australia


Gap Transmitter Calculator

The Gap Transmitter Calculator (GapTxCalc) is a utility tool designed by Gap GeoPak to model the performance of the Gap GeoPak high current transmitters for various loop configurations. It has proven to be invaluable for optimising loop design and wire selection. It also remains a useful reference when selecting safe operating parameters by providing improved awareness of the current carrying limitations of various wire sizes as well as relevant voltage considerations. Read more here.

We have made GapTxCalc available for free download by other geophysicists, students and interested parties. Contact us to request the download link and to register the software.