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  1. Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM)
  2. High-Performance Transmitters
  3. Fast sampling TM-7 receiver
  4. Ground or Airborne acquisition

AIrborne SAM

Our helicopter system - HeliSAM - delivers cost-effective, regional-scale deep EM characterisation
A UAV platform is being developed which offers fast data acquisition at lower altitude

Deep Search

Deep Search Exploration

High-powered, deep search technology produces highest quality data

  1. Surface - SAM EM; SAMSON; SmartEM
  2. Downhole - EMIT DIgiAtlantis


SAMSON is a powerful, low noise, deep search technique. Stations are typically faster to acquire than SQUID or fluxgate.
SAMSON has successfully detected high conductance (Cu, Ni) ore bodies in excess of 700m below surface.



Gap Geophysics is committed to the health and safety of all our staff and care for the environment and communities we work in

Focus On Quality

Focus ON Quality

Our staff are dedicated to producing the highest quality data, from data acquisition and in-field quality control through to processing and final reporting

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About Us

Gap Geophysics (GapGeo) is a progressive technology developer and service provider to the mineral exploration and environmental geophysics industries. GapGeo is managed by a committed group of geophysicists and engineers with over 30 years experience in development of advanced survey instrumentation and techniques.

GapGeo has developed a range of proprietary exploration techniques, with advanced instrumentation and high performance transmitters that enable greater depth of exploration and higher resolution surveys. This allows us to provide clients with better quality & less ambiguous data that are obtained in more efficient & cost-effective ways than possible with conventional instruments and techniques .


GapGeo’s services are based on a range of mostly proprietary instruments and software for both deep search and near-surface applications. Click on any of the images below for more information.

SAM Services

Sub-Audio Magnetics

SAM – Simultaneous measurement of magnetic and electrical properties of the sub-surface

HeliSAM Services


Low frequency, deep targets, fast coverage

SAMSON Services


Low frequency, deep exploration


EM and MMR Sub- surface Measurements

Induced Polarisation

Mapping ground resistivity and chargeability – time or frequency mode

GeoPak RVR Receiver

Surface EM

Mapping groundwater, mining tailings dams, contaminated sites


Mapping groundwater, mining tailings dams, contaminated sites

GeoPak HPTX-80 Transmitter

High-Powered Transmitters

High-voltage, high current, or portable transmitters ensure the optimal performance for all survey types

Unexploded ordnance item

Explosive Ordnance Detection

All EOD / UXO work is done by our associated company GapEOD. Visit the GapEOD website or contact us for more information.

Partner Joint Ventures

Gap Geophysics also offers the following services in joint ventures with our partners Discovery International and Dias Geophysics.

Dias32-3DIP Services

Dias 3DIP

High-resolution 3-D IP is now available in Australia

HeliSAM Canada Services

Discovery HeliSAM

GapGeo conducts HeliSAM surveys in Canada through our partner Discovery Geophysics

What Our Clients Say

Spectrum’s Managing Director, Paul Adams said “We are extremely pleased with the quality of the data received from our recent SAM survey at Penny West. The subsequent interpretation, utilizing all of the lithological and geochemical studies we have also recently undertaken, have contributed to a much greater understanding and appreciation of the prospectivity of the Penny West project area.”

Black Cat’s Managing Director, Gareth Solly said: “The drilling results on the interpreted SAM targets are extremely encouraging. The drilling at SAM Target 1 shows that the intersection of the NS and NE structures contains thick, high grade mineralisation. At SAM Target 2, we have identified a mineralised structure providing a clear vector towards potentially high grade mineralisation. SAM surveys are proving to be an effective targeting tool at Bulong.

“Gap provided great assistance by identifying targets for significant groundwater resources”
Clem Hill, Principal Hydrogeologist for GeoAxiom Pty Ltd

“Gap Geophysics run a highly motivated field team that is customer-focussed and backed up by a technical team that provided Western Gold Resources with a deep understanding of the geophysical process. The use of a SAM survey has provided a new understanding on the structure and pathways for Au-bearing fluids within shear zones at our project and provided the team with several new-targets generated from the survey, which are to be drill-tested in the following months. Western Gold Resources highly recommends Gap Geophysics” – Warren Thorne, Managing Director, Western Gold Resources