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Geophysical Transmitters

HPTX70 Onsite

Why is having a powerful transmitter important?

For a survey that utilises an active power source, there are three fundamental sources of noise that are dependent upon the hardware designs.

  • Noise inherent in the sensor
  • Noise inherent in the receiver
  • The level of power in the excitation signal

Thereby, geophysical engineers have at least three avenues of approach to reduce the noise levels in their surveys.

Having already achieved very low noise levels on the sensor and receiver system front, Gap GeoPak set out to create superior transmitters capable of achieving the high power levels, without compromising on safety.

What are the qualities of a good transmitter?

  • High Power limits (High voltage and current limits)
  • Extremely robust safety mechanisms
  • Mobility
  • Reliability
  • Features and control

Gap GeoPak

Different surveys have different priorities, and so Gap GeoPak have produced a number of systems designed to maximise the desired features - be it extreme mobility, or high power, for example.

For more details visit the Gap GeoPak division.