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26 NOV 2018

SAM Survey optimal geophysical exploration technique for Marindi Metals

Marindi expands potential of Great Southern Gold Prospect at Southern Forrestania after defining extensions to historical mines with grades of up to 19.5g/t

Key Points:

  • Historical mines located on Marindi’s tenement produced parcels of ore with gold grades of up to 19.5g/t and vein grades of up to 50g/t
  • Mine records list gold-bearing structures as open along strike and at depth when closed in the mid 1980’s.
  • Low-cost geophysical method employed by Marindi has highlighted sub-surface geology, including structural extensions to the historical   Great Southern and Commonwealth mines
  • Multiple “walk-up” drill targets defined

Marindi  Metals  Limited  (ASX:  MZN)  has  made  a  strong  start  to  its  Forrestania  gold  exploration  campaign  with  a highly successful ground-based geophysical survey across its newly-acquired Great Southern gold prospect defining significant extensions to historical high-grade gold mines.

A Sub-Audio  Magnetic  (SAM)  survey,  which  was  selected  as  the  optimal  geophysical  exploration  technique, successfully penetrated  the  shallow  cover  of  the region  and  confirmed  the  presence  of  significant  structural  extensions  to  the  historical  former  gold  mines,  as  well  as  defining  multiple  parallel structural  targets  across  the  surrounding area which represent immediate high-priority drill targets.

Read the full announcment here (pdf).