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11 SEP 2018

GapGeo defining the next frontier of mining exploration

Gap Geo: Viable Exploration Depths Are Really Viable Mining Depths

GapGeo Group specialises in the development of leading edge geophysical technologies and provision of services to the exploration and environmental industries globally. The group is comprised of three companies:

  • Gap Geophysics Australia, which specialises in mineral exploration;
  • Gap Explosive Ordnance Detection (GapEOD), which specialises in instrumentation and services for the detection of terrestrial and marine unexploded ordnance internationally;
  • Gap GeoPak, the research and development arm and technical support base.

Historically, electrical geophysical surveys have only been able to survey to fairly shallow depths but now, thanks to an idea borne in 1993 as part of his PhD, GapGeo CEO and chief geophysicist Dr Malcolm Cattach’s unique and award-winning Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM) and HeliSAM technology provides a cost-effective solution for deep penetration electromagnetic (EM) surveys, enabling the mineral exploration and environmental geophysics industry to be able to explore to much greater depths than we ever have before... continue reading.

Read the full article in Business Chief September Edition p24-33 here.