Head Image News
29 SEP 2016

Gap Geophysics start DHEM and DHMMR surveys for Red River Resources

Gap GeoPhysics have been mobilised to Thalanga to commence a Down Hole Electromagnetic (DHEM) and Down Hole MagnetoMetric Resistivity (DHMMR) survey program. The DHEM technique is ideally suited for detecting conductive massive sulphide mineralisation, in particular copper sulphide rich bodies. The DHMMR technique is ideally suited for detecting poorly conducting mineralisation such as sphalerite (zinc sulphide) rich bodies.
The DHEM/DHMMR survey will begin immediately at Liontown East (LTED01 and LTED02) and the survey results will be processed when they become available to optimise the design of further follow up holes at Liontown East. Read more details of the project here.