Emu72mediumThe EMU is a superb solution for UXO detection of small to medium-sized items, especially in mineralised environments. Designed to be an efficient search system, the EMU enables our clients to have confidence about the full coverage of a site to a reasonable depth level, and ensuring detection of all sizes of ordnance from rifle bullets to large aerial bombs.

This complete, turn-key system, has excellent terrain efficiency and detects all-sized targets with the same electronics/ coil configuration. Spatial resolution is very high - providing detailed maps of targets, with some limited scope for size and depth evaluation. Knowledgebase automated target identification and virtual immunity to mineralised ground ("hot rocks") leaves little chance of false positives. The system can detect both ferrous and non-ferrous UXO targets.

With realtime DGPS positioning and navigation, and an optional back up odometer, there should be little reason for any delay in ground navigation.


  • UXO detection in all geological environments
  • Industrial metallic waste detection
  • Engineering and archaeological site investigations
  • EMU digital electromagnetic detector for UXO site contamination assessment


Configuration Single (hand-carried) or Dual (trolley) Coil
Sample Rate 60 Hz
Survey speed up to 5 kph (fast walking pace)
Positioning DGPS / odometer
Sensor Minelab F1B2 (0.46m coil diameter)
Search lane width Single Coil: 0.5 m / Dual Coil: 1.0 m
Coverage rate 0.5-1 Ha per day
Sensor elevation 0. 10 m
Sample interval (along line) Odometer: 0.05 m / DGPS ~ 0.02 m
Depth detection - 20mm projectile 0.4 m
Depth detection - 36M grenade 0.5 m
Depth detection - 66mm mortar 1.3 m
Depth detection - 500lb bomb 2.3 m