Digi And CtrlrThe DigiAtlantis is ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology's borehole 3-component fluxgate magnetometer system, and represents a distinct advancement on previous generation probes. By collecting all three components at once, and performing the 24 bit digital conversion within the probe itself, not only is the system much faster than analog counterparts, but its noise level is also greatly reduced.

Key Features

  • A single tool with 3-component low noise fluxgate magnetometer
  • Capable of measuring the total geomagnetic field
  • Compatible with standard logging systems.
  • Rotation of probe is monitored by accelerometers or mag field
  • Can also be used for Downhole MMR
  • Simultaneous acquisition of all three components vastly improves productivity
  • Coupled with the HPTX-70, the highest powered DHEM system in Australia
  • Suitable for high power deep search surveys.

See the EMIT website for further information.