Health, Safety, Environment and Community

Gap Geo recognises that it is essential to our long term success that the Health and Safety of people and our impact on the Environment and Communities is actively managed.

Our goal is to prevent injuries and occupational illness to our people and to minimise any adverse impact our activities may have.

Gap Geo's actions to achieve our goal are:

  • We recognise that HSEC considerations are important to our business culture. We are committed to a process of continual HSEC performance review and implementation of best practice procedures, considering feedback from clients and employees.
  • We evaluate all activities with respect to HSEC and manage risks associated with these activities before they are carried out.
  • We ensure the efficient use of energy and water and take steps to reduce the Environmental impact of any activities.
  • We understand that we are visitors to Communities in which we work and we will work with the Community to minimise any intrusion.
  • We assert that all employees have the right to refuse to carry out a task that they feel is unsafe or if they believe they do not have the appropriate training.
  • We ensure all employees are aware of our HSEC Policy and procedures (and any changes to this Policy and procedures) and are mindful of these when approaching and carrying out any routine or non-routine tasks.