Anti-Bullying and Discrimination

Gap Geo recognises that it is essential to have a happy and healthy environment in the workplace.

We believe Equal Opportunity can deliver advantages to our business and workplace. Treating people fairly has a positive impact on staff and customers and enhances our reputation as an employer of choice. Equal Opportunity principles are in line with our aim to get the best from our people and give them the greatest opportunity to do their work well.

  • No person will knowingly bully or discriminate any other person, whether they are an employee of Gap Geo or not.
  • All persons will also comply with a client’s Anti-Bullying and Discrimination Policy while carrying out work for that client.
  • Gap Geo will maintain procedures to ensure the proper and consistent implementation of this Anti-Bullying and Discrimination Policy.
  • Discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation will not be tolerated.