Gap GeoSafe

HeirarchyofcontrolGap GeoSafe is the health and safety management system for the Gap Geo group. Gap GeoPhysics is a member of the Ground Geophysical Survey Safety Association (GGSSA).

Safety doesn’t just happen

To have a safe company, at all times, during all activities, requires embracing safety as the core of our company culture. If work cannot be done safely, then it cannot be done.

Gap GeoSafe has invested significant resources in leading the way in defining safe work processes for geophysical activities.

Safety through engineering

In the creation of our high power transmitters, numerous automated and manual safety features were developed as part of the essential design criteria – making it one of the safest geophysical transmitters in use today.

Safety Processes / Initiatives

Some examples of the activities that Gap GeoSafe initiates, or created processes for, are:

  • Risk assessments - job hazard analysis
  • Hygiene, drug and alcohol policies, screenings
  • Incident reporting, daily meetings, inductions, communication requirements
  • Emergency planning
  • Hierarchy of control
  • Fatigue management, field operations planning
  • Machinery operation processes
  • Manual handling, safe lifting

And many more. For some example policies (that don't represent the complete policy) please select from the list below.