Induced Polarisation (IP)

Iptx2500smallerFor an introduction to how Induced Polarisation (IP) surveys work - read here.

Gap GeoPhysics IP surveys

Gap GeoPhysics utlises a transmitter specifically built for IP surveys called the IPTX-2500. It is a portable system, designed to meet the ground penetration requirements for an IP survey. We offer a range of sensors, and survey layouts - such as Gradient Array, Dipole-Dipole and Pole-Dipole.

Gap GeoPhysics utilises the SMARTem24 receiver for our surface EIP surveys (using porous pots) as well as MIP surveys (using a fluxgate magnetometer). This new high tech receiver has built upon generations of industry knowledge to create a highly efficient IP acquisition process.

Gap GeoPhysics also offers downhole MIP acquisition, for which we use the DigiAtlantis receiver system - a modern powerful borehole probe.

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