Magnetics Wide

High Resolution Mapping

High Resolution Mapping describes the suite of survey techniques offered by Gap GeoPhysics that are particularly good at mapping close to the surface features at extra high precision (as opposed to Deep Search). This is particularly suited to explosive ordnance detection, but it also is useful for subsurface mapping of environmental issues, or man-made structures.

Sample 25M

25m sample interval

In this coarser sampled survey, large features, like the volcanicĀ  plug on the top left and a radial dyke arching across the top are visible. We can see some spots on the survey indicating potential points of interest.

Sample 10M

10m sample interval

New features become apparent and previously recognised features become clarified. We can easily count (at least) seven discontinuity spots - indicative perhaps of near surface magnetic items. We can now see some of the ground weathering.

Sample 2Pt5m

2.5m sample interval

The terrain is now showing its finer features. The position of discontinuities is clearer and we can say with confidence not only where features are, but also where features are not.

Sample 0Pt5m

0.5m sample interval

In particularly fine detail, we can see the tendrils of the smaller ground channels as they spread out across the landscape, with our surface discontinuities clearly positioned for followup examination.

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