Mapping Utilities & Archaeology

Sewerage Pipe Small

Underground Utilities

Lack of precise records of buried utilities can hamper construction, or lead to, in the case of sewer and chemical pipes, environmental contamination. Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM), especially, is proving capable of not only precisely detecting these pipes, but also accurately assessing their depth.

The pipes do not need to be metallic or magnetic and SAM can usually provide 100% detection. SAM can also detect the full extent of “single-ended” pipes – where only one end of a pipe is accessible.


The non-intrusive nature of our technology allows it to be used to detect objects of archaeological significance. Gap GeoPhysics has located ancient pottery kilns, native camp sites, long-buried temples and places of worship and ancient burial sites. We are also called on to find metallic objects of cultural or heritage value, including ancient canons or landfill sites containing heritage value memorabilia.



Detection of Pipelines using Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM)