Magnetics Wide

Geotechnical Mapping


Most chemical contamination comes from known sources of pollution. Gap GeoPhysics’s high definition surveys can produce accurate maps of underlying geology and boundary zones, making it possible to map the underground flow of liquid and chemical pollutants from their source.

Sources of contamination, such as broken pipes, underground storage tanks and industrial waste landfills, can also be located.

Detecting lost Ground Engaging Tools (GETs)

Our Sub-Audio Magnetics technique is supurb for finding artificial items such as the lost teeth from industrial minesite vehicles. In a blind trial, Gap GeoPhysics demonstrated our capability to detect seeded bulldozer teeth - which are required to be removed from historic stockpiles if they are to be reprocessed.

Please see Gap EOD for more information.

Geotechnical Information

Gap GeoPhysics provides continuous high-resolution surveys of underlying rock formations and geological structures for use in civil engineering projects including freeways and large buildings. Our technology can identify shear zones, faults, igneous intrusions and areas of soft and hard rock to supplement lower resolution techniques, such as drilling.



EOD GET & High Res