GPTX 30Wide



Using the knowledge gained from building our own complete transmitter systems, such as the HPTX-70, Gap GeoPak decided to create a complete trailer-mounted solution that utilised existing Zonge transmitters. The General Purpose Transmitter (GPTX) system was built to safely power and contain either a Zonge GGT-10 or a Zonge GGT-30 transmitter. 


With a current output is up to 30A, and a voltage output up to 1000V, the GPTX is suitable for either Electromagnetic or Induced Polarisation surveys.


The GPTX utilises the TXC-1 transmitter controller to provide the logic signals for creating a square, biploar waveform. The controller allows the waveforms to be varied from 25% to 100% duty cycle, with frequencies of 1Hz to 128Hz.

Waveform edges are synchronized precisely to GPS time via timing signals received from the Trimble SV6 GPS receiver. Consequently, the transmitter controller and receiver systems like the TM-7 magnetometer are precisely synchronised to each other. SAM surveys typically use a transmitter frequency of 4 - 8 Hz with a 50% duty cycle.

Safety Features

  • Inbuilt fire suppression
  • Battery isolation
  • Bunded trailer to trap any fuel or oil spillage
  • Fully grounded
  • Engine emergency stop