GPTX 30Wide



The GeoPak MLTX-200 is a new, high-current (max 200A), electromagnetic (EM) transmitter capable of producing time-domain or frequency-domain waveforms into inductive loops - and is suitable for Deep Search surveys. The MLTX-200 is powered from DC. It can be run from either batteries, or a power supply such as the PS10LV, or from a DC generator, such as the DC10LV. The current achievable by the MLTX-200 is dependant on the power supply.


The MLTX-200 was developed by Gap GeoPak Pty Ltd as a lightweight, high current transmitter for either small Fixed Loop environmental or UXO detection surveys or for Moving Loop mineral exploration surveys. The objective of the transmitter is for either deeper search or for the detection of more subtle responses by enabling cleaner signal.


The MLTX-200 can operate from a DC power sources ranging from 10 to 120V DC.  It is capable of delivering up to 200A into low resistance, 200m square loops. Waveform control and synchronisation is provided by an external controller such as the GeoPak TXC-1 controller using a GPS 1PPS timing reference.

The performance of the MLTX-200 can be modelled for various loop configurations using GapTxCalc.

Safety Features

The MLTX-200 is classed as an Extra Low Voltage transmitter - with a maximum output of less than 120V, and a typical output of 50-60V. It is thereby an inherently low risk device.



Gap GeoPak MLTX-200 High Current Transmitter