GPTX 30Wide


The DC10LV is a geophysical generator designed to provide power to electromagnetic (EM) transmitters, like the GeoPak MLTX-200. Its output is capable of providing up to 10KW of DC power with constant voltage or constant current control.

The DC10LV was developed by Gap GeoPak Pty Ltd (GeoPak) to provide DC power suited for High Current Low Voltage applications in a rugged, compact unit.


  • Electrical components are fully enclosed and protected from the environment.
  • Safety guards – installed on all internal moving parts as well as the dummy loads
  • Emergency shutdown
  • 12V battery isolation switch
  • Aluminium construction – minimizes weight and stop rust.
  • Removable sides and lid – protects the DC10LV whilst in transit.
  • Dummy load - provide a balanced load on the engine, reducing wear and helps to maintain the integrity of the electrical output waveform.