GPTX 30Wide

Gap GeoPak

Gap GeoPak Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2007 with the aim to develop a new range of geophysical transmitters capable of meeting the higher performance and more stringent safety standards demanded by the Australian mining and exploration industry.

Specific GeoPak safety innovations include the development of all-in-one platforms, wireless control, automatic fire suppression and earth leakage detection. All transmitters are classed as either Low Voltage (< 1500V DC), or Extra Low Voltage (< 120V DC),  as defined in 'AS/NZS 3000:2010'.

GeoPak has created a number of transmitter systems that are designed to prioritise various survey requirements - be it high power, or high mobility, or a balance between the two.

In 2013 Gap GeoPak received the Grahame Sands Award for Innovation in Applied Geoscience, for the development of the HPTX-70.

Transmitter Software

GapTxCalc models the performance of the Gap GeoPak high current transmitters for various loop configurations - demonstrating the ramifications of wire length and thickness under difference current loads. It also has various other features - such as analysing step potential and electrode resistance.