EodsurveymediumGap Explosive Ordnance Detection Pty Ltd (Gap EOD) is an industry-leading company dedicated to detection of explosive ordnance and other near-surface targets that require high accuracy and high fidelity results.

Gap EOD was established as a joint venture between Gap Geophysics and Bridgewater Geophysics in 2013, combining advanced sensor technologies and software developed over the last 25 years.

Our goal is to provide clients with better quality and less ambiguous data that are obtained in more efficient and cost-effective ways than possible with conventional instruments and techniques.

Our services are based on innovative technologies that have proven their success in a range of conditions.

Foursensorframe2small2UltraTEM: high-definition electromagnetics

Gap EOD developed the multi-component multi-sensor UltraTEM system, which allows for ultra-high definition digital mapping with high efficiency.

The UltraTEM system can distinguish closely spaced individual targets, provides accurate estimates of object position and depth, and produces auditable digital recording of all data.

The use of Gap GeoPak's high-power transmitters enables the system to achieve greater imaging depths and to work effectively in areas of magnetic geology that render passive magnetometers and standard EM equipment unusable.

The UltraTEM system can be deployed in two different primary configurations: Moving Loop that focuses on rapid and efficient Large-Area searches and Fixed Loop for Ultra-Deep investigations of deep targets and for operation in geologically hostile terrain.

ThreewheelUltraMAG: high-definition magnetics

The highly sensitive and rapid sampling (10 kHz) TM-7 cesium vapour magnetometer system has been specifically designed by Gap Geophysics Australia for multi-sensor high-definition magnetics surveys.

Based on the TM-7 system, Gap EOD operates a range of magnetic acquisition platforms that include person-carried and vehicle-towed single-, quad-, and octo-sensor systems.

The TM-7 is the ultimate total-field magnetometer with applications in ground-level UXO and environmental surveys, as well as airborne magnetics and TDEM.

Accurate positioning and navigation is achieved through DGPS; synchronization uses GPS-sourced 1PPS timing.

Absolute error is 0.043 nT at 50,000 nT.


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